Sales Tax Returns

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Sales Tax Returns

Sales Tax Returns

If you are asking whether it is now the Jones’ or the lesser of two evil taxes, you need not look beyond Texas for an answer. Sales tax has been significantly increased in this state, in addition to the reasonable taxation that is levied on services.

Effective January 1, 2007, the sales tax will increase from 3.15% to 4.75% on all taxable purchases for goods from wholesale to retail merchants in Texas (as well as certain promotional items). This includes most purchases made in Texas from wholesale merchants, as well as purchases at retail from wholesalers (as long as the purchase amount does not exceed 10,000.00 or for certain promotional items, such as gift cards or card terminals at sporting events, entertainment, trade fairs and Wonderland type attractions). The increase in rates does not apply to food, carrier Cars, vehicles used for children’s transportation, or luxury mobile homes. The new percentage rate is effective January 1, 2007, and purchases must be made by a person by electronic order or by using a valid tag that has been endorsed by a governmental unit. Other exemptions are for governmental units issuing gas tax or sales tax, toll road auto parking facilities, meals (on-premise or at restaurants) at certain farm operations, charitable donations and raffle tickets, and medical Oklahoma tickets.

A person approved by a governmental unit sells or refunds a taxable item to permanent customers in a supermarket,retail store, or other seller (including a dealer if the items sold qualify for the favorable tax rates in effect when the sale was made). The income from the sale must be reported to the governmental unit in which the sale was made. The taxable item must be tangible, or if not, a receipt ascertaining the purchase price and wherein the tax rate is computed. A sales tax return is filed by taxpayers having sales tax returns filed at the close of taxable accounts for any taxable sales, regardless of the date of the sale. Income from sales tax returns filed annually must be remitted to the governmental unit in which the sales tax return was filed, not to the entity, organization, or individual to which the sales tax return relates. Sales tax returns filed annually must be destroyed or securely stored when the return is prepared. The government or taxing authority must conduct annual audits of sales tax returns which are certified. A fee may be charged.

The new percentage rate applied to taxable purchases will not apply to the percentage of payments made on the due date of sales tax returns, as amended during the effective date of the Inquiry.Persons liable for payment of the recent sales tax rates which will be due in April, 2006 must file all tax returns for each year for which there is a balance. Taxpayers having returns for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Sales tax returns for any year must file a return for each year for which there is any balance, and file the return for each year for which there is any balance after the filing of returns for the year to which the return relates. For returns that involve transactions in amounts of $25,000.00 or less, the methodology is cumbersome and call for a review of taxpayers’ common-law or layperson knowledge of accountants and requirements for returns for smaller transactions.

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